What is Elohim Healing?

Elohim Healing was first used in 2000, where a New Zealander called Nigel Collis was guided through meditation that he would use and teach this unique modality during his retirement.

Elohim healing is based on sequence. That is, this modality will work on a sequence of actions that combine a mixture of hands-on healing and other energy work based around the bodies different fields using chakras, blueprint, sacred geometry and meridian lines.
Using this precise sequence and pure light guided energy, this has successfully been used on all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
Although this is a sequential session – other healing modalities may also be incorporated into this session.


A man at his computer with his fingers touching his forehead looking stressed
Reduction of stress
A person jumping over a chasms
Supportive through life's transitions
A silhouette of a person down at the beach at sunrise balancing on one leg in the yoga tree pose
Regaining balance physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually
A collection of items a doctor would use
Complimentary alongside conventional medicine
Chakra colours of light showing between two humans facing each other
Reprogrammes the body to use its natural healing process
A puppy and kitten playing
Can be used to heal animals
A fern plant
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