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A diagram that shows what Wellness Coaching involves: purposeful planning, Re-igniting purpose, passion and connection, holistic wellbeing, personal discovery & development, supporting through life transitions & time and energy management.


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Kia ora, I'm Sarah

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Sarah values quality time and connection to people, places and things that has a positive impact on change and growth. 
With a background in the Outdoors as an adventure guide for youth on 21-day wilderness discoveries of personal & social development, and then moving on to work with NZ High Performance athletes as a Life Coach, Sarah enjoys supporting people to thrive in life by following the pathways that make their hearts sing and their passions take flight. 

Sarah is a certified Life Coach (ANZCAL) and Champ10n Wellbeing Coach, and is a practitioner of the Emotional Culture Deck10 Behaviours and has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. 

"I would love to connect with you and see what ways I can support you to empower yourself in areas of your life that are important to you."

Kia ora, I'm Dana

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Dana has a passion for supporting and inspiring others to live a life they always imagined. Empowering and encouraging all walks of life to continue to persue their dreams or finding ways to support every day reality. Embracing everyone's differences, circumstances and uniqueness along their own personal path.Dana believes at times everyone could use someone in their corner and along her personal journey she found a great value in aligning with people that empowered her everyday.  

With a personal background in coaching, yoga, outdoor education and inspiring youth, Dana’s transition to Life Coaching in 2015 was an obvious choice. She has several modalities accumulated through her journey that enables a holistic approach to supporting people.

"Support comes in many avenues - I look forward to connecting with you to see how best I can support you along your journey."

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